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* Feeling more concentration …

Feedback from a young Software Engineer who attended my seminar at the ‘Hope Club’, along with three other professionals, on Jan 26, 2012 (1).

“I would like to share my experience after I attended the seminar  on  “Focusing on breathing” yesterday. I came to know about these techniques a week back through my close friend. I got the website information also. I did practice the technique on my own to get rid of the stress and continuous thoughts in my mind. These were making me sleepless for the past two weeks. When I attended the program yesterday and practiced in your presence, all my doubts were cleared. I felt more relaxed in my mind. I practiced the technique same night when I wanted to sleep and slept nicely. I practiced this morning  before starting for work. Now I am feeling more concentration than before. I want to continue this practice for better living. Thank you very much for your valuable guidance and providing the hand outs.”

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(1) Feedback from all the participants of the seminar

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