* Helping my patients – says a Doctor

Feedback from Padma Sripada MD (Internal Medicine), my daughter (1). She recommends this technique to her patients with anxiety, panic attacks, hypertension and insomnia who may be open to such practices (2).

  • This technique is appealing in its simplicity, and absence of restrictive conditions”: The focusing on the breathing technique is appealing in its simplicity, and absence of restrictive conditions that often hamper the adoption of most techniques of meditation. I have introduced the technique to some of my patients with anxiety, panic attacks, hypertension and insomnia. Everyone who has adopted the technique has reported it helps them relax. Some patients have reported it has helped then sleep better, and no longer rely on medications. The most remarkable effect was on a patient with severe panic attacks, who could not drive over a bridge without taking an anxiolytic first, is now able to drive over bridges without relying on medications!”
  • Helping my patients: “My female patient in her forties has been suffering for many years with anxiety, depression and insomnia, made significantly worse due to negative interactions with a supervisor at work. Her BP (Hypertension) had been borderline high at most of her visits. She was always visibly stressed and appeared on the edge. To control her symptoms she was on two anxiety medications and a sleeping pill.Recently when she came in, she had a very relaxed demeanor. She told me she was off both her anxiety medicines since she does not need them any more. Her BP was in perfect range.I asked her what brought about the remarkable change. She said she decided that she would change how she reacts to her supervisor. She would do the best job she can and not let anything else affect her. She does the breathing as recommended (3). She does not use her fingers to count her breaths (4) but focuses on her breaths (5). She finds that it calms her down significantly.

    I was very surprised and happy for her, since her quality of life is significantly improved. It is a clear example of how simple techniques can help transform lives.”

(1) Padma Sripada MD (2) How Can I Focus On Breathing?

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