“Whatever happened is good for you!”

We sometimes experience small or big adverse events in life, causing a lot of suffering at the moment. Later, they may turn out to be blessings. This concept is nicely brought out in this story from India.

Once upon a time, there was a king. Whenever he or others around him had an adverse experience, the minister would immediately say “whatever happened is good for you!”.  One day, the king was practicing sword fighting and accidentally, his right thumb was cut off. The king was feeling very bad, as he would not be able to use his bow and arrow without his thumb. But to the consternation of the king and every one present, the minister quietly said in his usual style “whatever happened is good for you”. The king was furious and said “I have tolerated your stupid statement all along but today you have made me mad. I am ordering the soldiers to put you in the prison. Even when the minister was being escorted to the prison by the soldiers, he said “whatever is happening to me is good for me”. The king and the people around him thought the minister was totally nuts.

After a few days, the king went to the forest along with his staff, for hunting. Around noon, he was tired and slept under a tree.  When he woke up after some time, he found that the staff member who was sleeping by his side was missing. Though his people searched for him all around, he could not be traced. Later on, they came to know from the court spies that the missing staff member was abducted by local tribal people and killed for human sacrifice to their God. The king realized that he himself was not picked up, as he had no thumb, making him unfit for sacrifice to God. He realized the truth behind the (in)famous words of his minister, as losing his thumb resulted in saving his life itself. When he reached his kingdom, he ordered the immediate release of the minister from the prison.

After the minister came out of the prison, the king asked him “I accept that losing my thumb saved my life in the forest. How was going into prison good for you?”

The minister smilingly replied “If you had not put me in prison, I would have been sleeping by your side in the forest and the tribals would have picked me up for human sacrifice.” The king burst out laughing, admiring the wisdom behind his words.

Moral of the story: Some adverse events may subsequently lead to beneficial turning points in life.

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