* My practical approach to self improvement

  • Stupidity is repeating the same actions and expecting different results: If you want different results, you have to stop repeating the same old actions and try new actions. Some examples: (1) Adding 2 and 3 gives a result of 5. You are not happy with 5 and want to get 8. Can you keep on adding 2 and 3 and ever expect to get 8 in your life time? (2) You have been following the route – Road A, Road B and Road C and reaching town X. But you don’t like X but want to get to town Y.   If you continue to follow the same routes A, B and C, will you ever reach the town Y?
  • We need to master only a few skills: In any field, there are a few fundamental skills to master. Once we do that, we gain confidence and life takes a better turn. For example:  How many skills do we need to master, to solve all the possible problems in arithmetic? Not a hundred, not a dozen, not even half a dozen. We need to master only FOUR skills – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division! We don’t need any more. Similarly, in any field, may it be exercise, nutrition or  stress management, there are a limited number of practices which we have know and develop into habits by SHEER REPETITION. Then we will be all set. We have to keep on cultivating and sharpening such skills being in tune with the ever changing environment in which we have to survive and prosper. We have to do this throughout our life.
  • The ‘Never-Fail Philosophy’ for Self-Growth: I remember sometimes about my chosen path or method. Even this just remembering gives me confidence that I have a spark of potential. I feel happy about this spark. I feed this spark by casually walking on my path, generating a small flame. I am surprised at my dormant power. I see that this small flame when kept alive, gradually burns away the imaginary barriers that encircled me all those days. Practicing my chosen method(s) sporadically, I see my morale grow slowly. I keep on patting myself on my back. I draw inspiration from the baby, who while learning to walk, falls often but gets up quickly and takes a few more determined steps. She is never concerned about falling, but thrilled to get up immediately and try again. I often recollect the tiny improvements I have made in my Mind, Body and Attitudes towards difficult people. I try again, again, again .…..pretending to be the baby I was, once upon a time!  I do not feel stuck in that old path any more. It does not attract me now that I have tasted the comfort of walking on the new path. I see the new path gradually getting clearer. My steps are not hesitant and I feel more comfortable. I keep going at some pace, resting on the way, as I like. Nothing can stop me!
  • A trickle of actions please! Collecting an ocean of words, thoughts or concepts should result at least in a ‘Trickle of  Actions’. Else, what a colossal waste of precious time and energy!
  • I like Martin Luther Kings’s approach:

If you can’t fly, then run
If you can’t run, then walk
If you can’t walk, then crawl
But whatever you do you have to keep moving forward

  • Taking the first step is a breakthrough: It shows the intention and direction. It says “I mean business!”

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