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There are two articles in this post. One is an imaginary story and another a true life experience.

  • “Then what…Then what?…..Then what?…….” An imaginary story

A group of smart managers from the city were visiting a village. They found a middle aged man sitting under a tree, playing his flute. There was a cow grazing at a distance. The managers could not imagine a young man sitting idle and playing music all alone. One manager asked him curiously “what are you doing here?”. The man replied “I am employed as a cow keeper. I am watching that cow grazing over there for my employer till evening”. Their dialogue continued.

Manager: How much do you earn for the 8 hours you sit here?
Cow keeper: Rupees 20 (about 1/3 of a dollar)
Manager: You can earn 100 Rupees in the same time if you watch 5 cows instead of 1 cow.
Cow keeper: Then what? More….

  • The grumpy spinster and the dancing homeless man – A true life experience

Kamala was always complaining about something or other when she met any of her friends. They even used to avoid facing her, for that reason. The experience she had one day changed her attitude dramatically. More….

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