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* Seminar at the American Cancer Society ‘Hope Club’ at Latham NY July 26 2012

July 28, 2011

This was the second seminar at this place (1). 5 persons participated. Four were family members – Husband, wife, and two teen daughters. The fifth was an older woman. The seminar was for one hour. The summary of their feedback is below.

The seminar was …..

  • Excellent – 2
  • Very good – 2
  • Good – 1

I will use this technique to relieve my (concern)………….

  • Insomnia, Anxiety, Migraine
  • Mind of worry
  • Stress at work – Hopefully
  • Anxiety

Comments/ Suggestions about the class (if any)……….

  • Very relaxing
  • Starting with 8 minutes of breathing was very effective
  • Very informative
  • Very relaxing

(1) Seminars and Follow up classes

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* Health and Safety Fair at GlaxoSmithKline plant

Participated in this fair on invitation of the Occupational Health Nurse of the plant, who herself practices this technique and recommends to the employees. About 25 employees who visited my booth at the fair were introduced to this technique, by handing over several related documents with brief explanation and a few demos. The photo on the left shows demonstration of the ‘Tip mode’ (1) to a visitor. Short seminars will be offered to the employees shortly. Appreciation from the organization is quoted below –

“Thank you for participating in our GlaxoSmithKline Health and Safety Fair, last Wednesday, July 13th. Our employees were very eager to discuss and try your techniques. It was good to see them sit down with you and practice the hand techniques. Stress and sleep are the most common complaints I hear from the employees here. I agree it would be beneficial to try a 30 minute session. 90 minutes would not be possible as the manufacturing process would not allow for the time. May be we could have a few 30 minute sessions, a week apart. The sooner we set it up, the more chance we will get participation from those who met you.

I appreciate your participation for ALL our employee’s sake. As a GSK Health and Safety specialist, I try to encourage health and safety BOTH at work and at home. You provide valuable information and demonstrate a process that works and improves lives, at work and at home.

I look forward to seeing you, soon

Carol Kirk O’Connor RN COHN-S/CM”

Occupational Health Nurse
Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability
GlaxoSmithKline Oak Hill
3169 Route 145
East Durham, NY 12423.

(1) How can I focus on breathing? for the ‘Tip mode’ and other modes.

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