* Patients picking up the hand outs and reporting benefits

Today I went to the LabCorp blood draw center in our building in Castleton NY. The technician at that center has been using the technique since last 3 years, ever since I gave the hand outs to her on my first visit. She allowed me to display all my hand outs (1) in a document holder placed in her office. I visit this office once a month and refill the hand outs in the holder. She told me on my previous visits to her lab that she mostly practiced at lunch time, to get over the stress in her job.

Today when she was drawing my blood I asked her if she was using the technique. She said “Of course I do. Some of the patients who visited my center said they were using the technique and found it useful.”

What are the implications of this  report?

  • Some patients pick up the displayed hand outs on their own
  • They read the hand outs and understand the technique, without my help.
  • They are practicing on their own without any training.
  • They are enjoying some benefits.
  • They are excited enough to report to the lab technician on their next visit, about the usefulness of the technique.

Imagine displaying the hand outs at more health care facilities, like offices, hospitals, nursing homes and imaging centers. Some percentage of patients and visitors are bound to pick them up and practice on their own. Based on my cumulative feedback over last 8 years, whoever practices, is bound to come off some medications for sleep/ insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pains etc. Calculate the cost of the hand outs (a page costs 5 cents) versus the cumulative savings in healthcare expenses- doctor charges, cost of medicines, etc. ! A phenomenal return on investment!

(1) See the top menu tab “DOWNLOADS – PDF” for the hand outs.

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