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* Patients picking up the hand outs and reporting benefits

Today I went to the LabCorp blood draw center in our building in Castleton NY. The technician at that center has been using the technique since last 3 years, ever since I gave the hand outs to her on my first visit. She allowed me to display all my hand outs (1) in a document holder placed in her office. I visit this office once a month and refill the hand outs in the holder. She told me on my previous visits to her lab that she mostly practiced at lunch time, to get over the stress in her job.

Today when she was drawing my blood I asked her if she was using the technique. She said “Of course I do. Some of the patients who visited my center said they were using the technique and found it useful.”

What are the implications of this  report?

  • Some patients pick up the displayed hand outs on their own
  • They read the hand outs and understand the technique, without my help.
  • They are practicing on their own without any training.
  • They are enjoying some benefits.
  • They are excited enough to report to the lab technician on their next visit, about the usefulness of the technique.

Imagine displaying the hand outs at more health care facilities, like offices, hospitals, nursing homes and imaging centers. Some percentage of patients and visitors are bound to pick them up and practice on their own. Based on my cumulative feedback over last 8 years, whoever practices, is bound to come off some medications for sleep/ insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pains etc. Calculate the cost of the hand outs (a page costs 5 cents) versus the cumulative savings in healthcare expenses- doctor charges, cost of medicines, etc. ! A phenomenal return on investment!

(1) See the top menu tab “DOWNLOADS – PDF” for the hand outs.

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* A doctor training her patients in ‘counting breaths’

I gave copies of the hand outs (1) to a doctor of internal medicine known to my daughter Padma Sripada M.d. When I met her after a few months, she said that she was using the technique herself and found it useful. She told one of her patients  under 5-6 medications and suffering from severe insomnia, to practice ‘counting breaths’ in blocks of 1 to 10 at bed time.  To make sure the technique was clearly understood, she made her patient practice it, in her presence. After 2 days, that patient called the doctor and said that she was able to sleep happily after a long time !

(1) See the top tab ‘DOWNLOADS- PDF’

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* My back pain is gone for good

Feedback from a medical research scientist in the department of health of New York State. A few months before, she had a heart attack.

“I started practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’ (1) when Mr. Suryanarayana Chennapragada gave me the hand outs (2) on the technique and suggested I should try it for relaxation. I practiced it intermittently during the day (3)  whenever I remembered, using the segment mode and counting modes. Within 3 days, my back pain was completely gone, never to return, in the last 2 months. Before practicing this technique, I was depending on Celebrex medication to control the back pain. Now I do not need it at all. I feel stress (4) was the cause for my back pain which was reduced by practicing this relaxation technique.”

(1) How can I focus on breathing?
(2) Documents
(3) Daytime practice
(4) Relief from Stress – Success stories

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* I stopped antidepressants, cut back on anxiety medicines

Here is the feedback from a woman who attended 6 of my classes, over last 4 months.

I came to see you for

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic neck and back pain
  • Depression

Since coming to see you

  •  I have been able to stop the antidepressants
  • I have been able to cut back on the anxiety medicines by half
  • I have been sleeping better
  • My neck and back pain has improved about 50%
  • I can handle stress better

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* Feedback from Students of Robert C. Parker School Grade 2/3 May 2011

Feedback from Grade 2/3 students of Robert C. Parker School –  May 2011

I visited this class weekly for a few weeks to introduce different modes of ‘Focusing on breathing’ (1) with excellent support of the class teacher Lynn Schuster (2). At the end of the series of classes I collected feedback from all the  students on a small feedback from. Their feedback is summarized below.

  • What modes did I practice?
Tip mode – 2
Segment mode – 10
Counting mode – 4
Feeling mode – 3
Staring – 8
911 – 4
  • When did I practice?
Resting X 4
To sleep X 4
Morning meeting X 3
When I am crazy
Running around my bed room
Sleeping on my dad
When dead on a video game
Dogs try to wake me up at night
  • How did it help me?
School X 2
Math X 2
Running better
A fight

(1) How can I focus on breathing?
(2) Lynn’s full report on how she made this technique a regular part of the class routine – June 2012 

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* Feedback from the seminar at the ‘Hope Club’ of the American Cancer Society’s the Capital Region

This seminar was attended by 7 women and one man. The one hour seminar was curtailed to 45 minutes, as I reached the venue late, due to an accident to another car on the road. Feedback could be collected from 7 participants as one person left earlier.

The seminar was …..

  • Excellent – 5
  • Very good – 2

I will use this technique to relieve my (concern)………….

  • Sleeplessness, anxiety and stress level
  • Insomnia, Arthritis
  • Insomnia
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Asthma, Insomnia
  • Asthma, Arthritis
  • Sleep

Comments/ Suggestions about the class (if any)……….

  • Very informative
  • Very clearly explained
  • Excellent presentation. I would like to have more sessions on breathing.
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* Able to sleep without drinking beer

A woman’s feedback about her ex-husband
“I have been practicing the  ‘Focusing on breathing’ technique (1) since last 6 months. I have experienced many positive changes including losing my excess weight. Many people who knew me before, including my mom, noticed these visible changes and commented about it. One such person is my ex-husband whom I meet often, as we share custody of our 2 children. Recently my ex commented on how I looked happier and more focused. He asked what was behind this change. I told him about the technique and gave the two hand outs – one for quality sleep (2) and another, containing the comprehensive guidance about the technique.

My ex is a night shift worker and had difficulty sleeping during the day. He also has some heart problems. Against the advice of his heart doctor, he was drinking beer to be able to sleep.

He read the hand outs on the ‘Focusing on breathing’ technique and practiced it since last two weeks. Two days back, he said that he was no longer dependent on beer to get sleep and drinks only occasionally.”

(1) How can I focus on breathing?
(2) How can I enjoy quality sleep?
Relief from insomnia – Success stories

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