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* Hot to cold shower relieved sneezing and stuffiness in the nose

Surprising feedback from one of my clients.

“I got introduced to Mr Suryanarayana Chennapragada (CS) by one of my friends and started practicing the ‘focusing on breathing techniques’ to reduce stress (1).

I discussed one of my frequent problems with him. As soon as I woke up, I would feel a tickle inside my nose, start to sneeze and end up with a running nose. He gave me the following suggestions which helped me a lot.

  • I used the “Neti pot” twice a day (2).
  • Sometimes when my nose would be completely blocked, the water  would not flow through the nostrils. I did vigorous squats to open up my nostrils and then I could do the Neti. When I did the same thing  in the evening, my nostrils would open for a while but soon get stuffed up.
  • I tried something out of the world “Hot to cold shower” (3). I would begin with hot shower and before coming out of the shower, I turn the faucet handle to the cold side, in 4 to 5 small increments, till I get the coldest water I could bear. When in the shower, I bend and touch my feet several times and sometimes do a little jogging. This generates some heat in the body and I do not feel the coldness of the water as much. Then I realized that my nose was not as stuffy as it used to be.

Now, I don’t shower under the shower head. I fill the water in a bucket and pick up the water with a mug to pour over my body. The makes me bend down several times to scope the water. It works like an exercise and opens my nostrils. 

Now I don’t have the sneezing problem and the stuffiness of my nose is gradually reducing.”

(1) How can I focus on breathing?
(2) Neti Practice of nasal flushing
(3) Hot to cold shower

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