* My Back Pain of 25 years is reduced by 80%

Feedback from a client who attended 5 of my classes, learned and practiced ‘Focusing on breathing’ (1) and gentle stretching (2).

I was having back pain and sleep disorder from the last 25 years. I was diagnosed with herniated disk and arthritis in L4 & L5. I was hospitalized twice and taken numerous pain killers, muscle relaxer and narcotics. I was a frequent visitor to Chiropractors and Physical Therapists. For a week, these would help and then I would reach a Plateau. I spent numerous hours and dollars at the pain clinics, beyond what was paid thru the Insurance Company. I tried all kind of things from home remedies to old Grandma remedies, to reduce my back pain.

A couple of months ago, at a picnic, I asked Mr. C S (Suryanarayana Chennapragada) if he could teach me how to do “SuryaNamaskar”. At that time he mentioned about the breathing techniques and simple relaxation exercises. I saw his brochures at the Hindu Temple and other places. I read them but never practiced.

I thought that I had nothing to lose, let me give a try. May be this would work. I started meeting with C S weekly, to learn the breathing and stretching exercises. After couple of weeks, I saw improvement in my sleeping pattern and back pain. I have been doing the breathing and the stretching exercises for the past 3 months for about 30-45 minutes a day. In these 3 months, my back pain is reduced by 80%, did not have to take a single pain medication and had a good night sleep. After mowing the lawn for 3 hours, I feel my back a little sore but after a shower, breathing & stretching I feel a lot better. After 30-45 minutes I am back to normal, no pain.

Breathing techniques, relaxations and stretching exercises have helped me a lot with my back pain and sleep disorder. I strongly suggest these techniques to everyone to reduce stress, back-pain and gain profound energy. There is nothing to lose but a lot to gain, that too without spending any dollars.

(1) How Can I ‘Focus on breathing’?
(2) Loosening exercises of Yoga

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