Helping a breast cancer survivor

A breast cancer survivor, patient of my daughter, was introduced to the technique of ‘Focusing on breathing’ in a short session of 15 minutes by me when she visited our office. I showed her the ‘Segment’ mode and made her do it in my office, completing 2 hands. She experienced the relaxing effect and was convinced. She has been using the technique before sleep, on waking up and many other times of the day.

She reported these benefits: Back of her head was very stiff and painful for a  long time and now this has become free. She is able to sleep better and tolerate the harsh series of chemotherapy treatments which resulted in her hair falling off and body aching a lot and still function as a house keeper. She said that recently when she was fatigued and feeling totally powerless, she practiced the technique for one full hour and at the end she felt restored enough to be able to move about in the house.

Her recent feedback:
“The ‘Counting breaths’ technique is wonderful. It is a help for me when I am facing a treatment like chemotherapy. I am able to relax the mind and body with great sleep time. I use the counting mode at bed time, on waking up and when doing my stretching exercises.”

She has been displaying the brochures on the technique in her oncology clinic for the benefit of other patients. This is the first case of a cancer survivor practicing and reporting the benefits.

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