97 Year old woman practicing!

I work in my daughter’s medical office as a manager. Occasionally I meet with a patient and depending on the receptiveness of that person, I give them the hand out and explain the tip or segment mode.  I advise to practice at bed time – lying in bed, when needing to sleep. When I happen to meet the same person at a later visit,  I try to find out if the technique was tried and if so, what benefits were felt.

Recently I met a 97 year old woman patient the second time (a few months back I explained the segment mode to her) and inquired how she was doing, without mentioning the technique. After explaining her current health problems, she added on her own, that she was using the ‘segment mode’ of the breathing technique  and it was helping her in calming her mind.

She said she sent the brochure on this technique to her sister in California.

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