What Is New? March 2010

Introductory Seminar for Staff of Loudonville Elementary School
Conducted an introductory seminar of one hour for 24 staff of Loudonville Elementary School including the principal. This followed the request of the principal Kerry Flynn who got positive comments from the students, teachers and parents of the sixth graders who were given a 15 minute exposure to ‘Focusing on breathing’ at the Albany Hindu Temple recently.

The seminar participants were practically introduced to three modes of ‘Focusing on breathing’ and asked to lie down on the floor and practice any of the modes for about 20 minutes.

Feedback from the participants was collected in writing, on the following issues and the summary of their responses is presented below.

The seminar was
– Excellent – 15 responses
– Very Good – 5
– Good – 4

I will use this technique to relieve my (mention your concern) …..
– Anxiety
– Anxiety-Stress both on the job and personal
– Busy mind at bed time
– Daily stress
– Job stress – I will use this in my class when my students are doing state testing
– Motion sickness and vertigo
– Migraines
– Stress with my family
– Stress and student anxiety
– Stress
– Stress/Sleepiness
– Stress and Headaches
– Stress/ Hard times in life
– Stress of daughter teething
– Stress/ Obesity
– To relax
– Tension headaches & Hot flashes

Comments and suggestions about the seminar
– It was great
– Great ideas
– Good suggestions for starting focus on breathing as relaxation
– Wonderful opportunity to relax
– Wonderful class!
– Very calming
– Interesting! Logical! helpful!
– Very relaxing
– It was difficult for me to relax but eventually I became relaxed
– I liked the simplicity of the relaxation methods
– Offered very practical techniques for relaxing that I am eager to incorporate into my life
– I loved this class! Instructor was very relaxing. I will use his voice when doing the relaxation techniques.
– Excellent. I want to share this with my family. Especially with my children. What a gift this is to teach young children how to manage stress early.
– I am excited to share these techniques with my loved ones. Really enjoyed the experience.
– I suggest to play some quiet music during the floor exercises (when lying down on the floor and practicing the relaxation) and use some incense as well.
– I suggest to include more examples of teachers using these techniques

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