* Improving the reproductive hormones

One woman who attended series of my classes with her husband was under  treatment for infertility. She was told by her IVF specialist (IVF is for In-Vitro Fertilization) one day that a particular dose of medicine resulted in the hormone level of 1900 whereas the same dose resulted in hormone level of 68 a few months back. He  told her to reduce her stress by practicing the ‘counting breaths’ technique. To his pleasant surprise, she told him that she and her husband were already doing my classes.

On hearing this news from her I checked the low and high hormone levels months with her attendance at my weekly/bi-weekly classes. The low hormone period was just when she started the classes and the very high level was after she attended my classes for about 3 months.  That level was so unusually high that the couple was advised at that time, not to conceive even by natural means, for fear of giving birth to record number of babies.

This report shows that stress affects even the reproductive hormones and that this simple method can indirectly help in restoring the reproductive health by reducing stress.  For more scientific information on this aspect, read the following book by a specialist.

For more on this subject
Read ‘Healing Mind, Healthy Woman: Using the Mind-Body Connection to Manage Stress and Take Control of Your Life’ by Alice D. Domar Ph.D. Amazon, used book price $5.

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