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Robert C. Parker School

  • Endorsement from head of the school: ‘Focusing on breathing’ was introduced to children of all classes from Pre K 4 to Grade 8 in 15 to 30 minutes sessions in Oct, Nov 09. Now the Director of the school Meg Taylor has given an official stamp of approval with this note in her school blog (see Dec 1, 09 under the title ‘Children and Anxiety’) while on the subject of anxiety and stress in children. “One of the ways we help children cope with stress at Parker is by practicing the simple mindful breathing taught us by C.S., the grandfather of Veda in 4-5. It is one of his life’s missions to spread this easy and effective way to reduce anxiety. The breathing technique is practiced regularly by almost all the children in the school”.
  • Mail from one of the Directors: ” Hi CS……..     I wanted to thank you for teaching the children here at Parker School how to use breathing to relax…..  one of our students had fallen and gotten a big bump on his head…. he was having a difficult time catching his breath, but when I said ” think of CS and the breathing”   he immediately understood, started breathing and then was able to relax…    this is a wonderful life skill you are teaching….” Beth Engster Business Manager.
  • Feedback from children Grade 4/5: Visited the grade 4/5 class at Robert C. Parker School on Dec 8, as a follow up to my introduction of ‘Focusing on breathing’ to this class in early Oct 09, nearly 2 months later. They wrote down their feedback in the supplied form (half a letter size page). It contained 3 parts – what modes did they practice (with multiple choices), when did they practice (open ended) and how did it help them (open ended). They were asked not to write their names, so that they were not under pressure to project wrong pictures.  All their filed up forms were collected, reshuffled and distributed one to each. Each of them read out the paper in their hand which was not their own. The summary of their feedback is shown below –

Total responses from children – 16

Where, When and Why did they practice?

Practicing at home
– Bed time to sleep (12 responses)
– Fights with siblings, Angry, Mom is angry etc  – 3
– Playing DS/ Video games, waiting for computer game to load – 2
– Before piano practice – 1

Practicing at school
– In general and in some classes – math, arts, LA, Music and Social – 12 (responses)

Place unspecified
– When frustrated, Stressed, Scared, Tired, Bored – 7 (responses)
– To concentrate/ focus – 4
– Relax, calm down – 3
– When I feel like – 2
– In car – 1

Seminar for Indian Dance Students

Conducted a free introductory meditation class on ‘focusing on breathing’ to 34 students their mothers and a few fathers of the dance school of Mrs. Bindiya Prasad on her request.  She made this class mandatory for her students for getting their course completion certificates.  The feedback from them is summarised below.

Total feedback forms received – 68 (from both children and parents, as the forms were same)

Assessment of the seminar
Excellent – 34,  Very Good – 28,   Good – 6

How do they wish to use this technique?
– To sleep – 42
– On Waking up – 14
– In my daily life/ activities – 13
– Relax – 7
– Focus/ Concentrate – 6
– Using my time when bored – 2
– At School – 2
– Calming my mind – 2
– Others  – 1 each (gain more energy, breathing, before a test, when mad, for peaceful mind, stressful morning times, Put kids to bed, Studies and dance)

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