Don’t we get stressed every day for something or other? (1). We wish to regularly practice the proven stress relieving techniques but very few do, not inclined to stretch, exercise or sit still. Looking for a technique that does not demand time, posture or movement and still delivers results day after day? ‘Focusing on breathing” is just that practice, certified by  numerous practitioners (2)!

Believe it or not, simply ‘focusing on breathing’ instantly stops current stress and dissolves the past stress over time.

Whenever you ‘focus on breathing’, stressful thoughts are dramatically reduced, calming the mind and relaxing the body. Test the ‘Tip mode’ now with your eyes closed on two hands (3). Did you notice that very few thoughts bothered you during the practice? Don’t you feel calm and relaxed?

If this makes sense, begin tonight ‘Focus on your breathing’ at bedtime (4). You will fall asleep sooner, have lesser interruptions, sleep longer and feel refreshed on waking up. You will be hooked!

Waking up: ‘Focus on your breathing’ as soon as you wake up in the morning, lying in the bed, eyes closed (5). Your sleepiness goes, you feel refreshed, eager to begin the day. In a few weeks, you feel less stressed at home and work. Blend ‘Focus on breathing’ into your daytime activities and gain surprising benefits for mind, body and relationships  (6) (7). ‘Focusing on breathing’ becomes the default mode of your mind. Whenever your becomes idle, it focuses on breathing by itself, not brooding over past and worrying over the future. Your life becomes stress free.

Endorsed by Doctors, Scientists and other Professionals (8)

Why do doctors and dentists say ‘keep breathing’ or ‘take a deep breath’ to their patients? (9). They see people holding their breath or not breathing normally, disturbing the health of the body and mind. Why is this simple technique so powerful? (10).

Who said Meditation is difficult? This practice is a back door entry into the daunting house of meditation (11).

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