An easy technique to relieve stress and help mind, body and relationships (1) (7)

Who in this world is not stressed? (6)

Why do doctors and dentists advise us to ‘keep breathing’, or ‘take a deep breath’? (12). Because they see people holding their breath or not breathing normally, creating stress for the body and the mind.

Since ages, people have been researching, developing and teaching great techniques for stress relief. But what percentage of the global population ‘regularly   practice’ any of the known techniques and keep their stress under check? Very small. Why? The great techniques demand too much and people don’t have the inclination or the free time! Is there an easy technique we can practice routinely everyday?

Yes. Simply ‘focusing on breathing’ stops generating new stress and slowly dissolves accumulated stress.

When you ‘focus on breathing’, stressful thoughts are dramatically reduced, mind is calmed, the breathing pattern gradually becomes normal and the tense muscles relax (3). Your stress is relieved. Want to test it?

Close your eyes and practice the ‘Tip mode’ completing both hands (9).

……….. (You are now practicing the ‘Tip mode’ (9)) ………….

Don’t you feel a little relaxed now than before? If this brief experience makes sense, begin your journey towards a stress free life. Practice  this technique in an unconventional style, lying on the bed, eyes closed, ‘waiting for sleep’ and ‘waking up’ (13).

Waiting for sleep

Focus on your breathing tonight when you want to fall asleep (4). It works like a charm (1). It disrupts the flow of disturbing thoughts and calms your mind. Your muscles gradually relax. You will get sleep in a surprisingly short time. Whatever may be going on in your life, you will enjoy quality sleep for good number of hours. You will get hooked!

Waking up

Focus on your breathing when you wake up in the morning, lying on the bed, eyes still closed (5). Your sleepiness gradually goes away. You feel fresh and energized, ready to face the day.

You will feel less stressed at home and work in a few weeks (6). Improvement in your mind, body and relationships will follow (7).

If you like, focus on breathing even while engaged in your daily activities for even more benefits (10). You don’t have to sit for this practice nor change your daily routine, to enjoy all these benefits!

Endorsed by Doctors, Scientists and other Professionals

“A simple, no expense, meditation-oriented approach to stress reduction which we recommend for all our patients (and ourselves!) is nicely presented at the following website: Try it; you’ll be glad you did! ” (Late) Peter Horvath, MD, FACOG. …………….More Professional Endorsements at (8).

Practice this technique ONLY when falling asleep.
Even then you will see tangible benefits!

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*** I strongly recommend reading the books by Dean Ornish M.D. Begin with his book “The Spectrum”, then his other books. You will benefit from his life style suggestions supported by proven results.

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